Green tea and Weight Loss – Nature’s Perfect Fat Burner

I adore green tea. Really, any type of tea is great in my book but when it comes to pure health benefits and simplicity, especially when trying to eliminate a couple of extra pounds, it’s hard to beat. Plus, it is an extremely simple and cheap way to kick up the metabolism of yours and lose excessive fat pretty rapidly.

Increased Metabolism

Because I would imagine you don’t want to become a pro on tea, I’ll skip over exactly how it (or more specifically EGCG, a polyphenol found in green tea) promotes losing weight, but just it hinders an enzyme from decomposing noradrenaline of the human brain. This ramps up the aspect of your central nervous system which controls functions as muscle tension and also the release of energy from fat as when the metabolism of yours is increased, you burn more calories while you go about the day of yours without any additional effort. Great stuff, right?

Lose 20 Pounds Without any Additional Effort

According to a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2005, individuals who consumed 270mg of EGCG each day burned an average of 180 additional calories per day when compared to a placebo. That breaks down to losing around twenty two pounds per year by just sipping on tea which is green! Imagine losing over twenty pounds this season by substituting this kind of great beverage for sugar-laden, calorie dense pick-me-ups including a cafe’ latte. Could you imagine anything easier?

180 extra calories per day

The British study went on to say that the 270mg dose was the “optimal concentration” of EGCG since the results showed that higher doses of the tea extract did not burn any extra fat or calories. What that means is you merely have to take in aproximatelly three cups of green tea (or take 270mg of green tea extract) every single day to help bring up your body’s fat burning mechanism. Simple enough, correct?

drink about three cups of green tea

Exercise + Green Tea Extract = Knockout Punch For Fat

Exercise + Green Tea Extract = Knockout Punch For Fat

At the very least if you’re a mouse, that is. There was another best weight loss supplement consumer reports loss study where the investigators fed 3 groups of mice a high fat diet plan. Next, they put the mice on a weight reduction regiment of pure physical exercise, green tea extract, in addition to a mix of the 2. The outcomes?

lost twenty four percent

lost 47 percent

lost 89 percent

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